With your family and friends

Enjoy various Okinawa soba!

It is located in a large shopping mall and has many parking lots, so it is easy to use for families with children and tourists. The interior is very cozy and healing, with a tin-roofed roof and naked bulbs creating a retro atmosphere. How about resting with friends and family for a while? It is an Okinawa soba restaurant during the day, and at night, it becomes an izakaya, where you can taste yakitori. 『Aburi Toro Soki soba』 is so delicious, it is so soft that it can be cut into thin slices with chopsticks. Okinawa soba noodles also have a rare spicy menu, and ""thick soba noodles"" made from hand-made meat and spicy oil are very popular.

How about resting with friends and family in Agariya-plus?

I was born in Okinawa in 1971. I have always loved cooking and I can cook everything. mong them, I like Okinawa soba most, and I like to go to soba noodle shops everywhere. I loved soba noodles in Okinawa, so I worked at a soba noodle shop in Okinawa for two years. I also spent time in the cafeteria and took over Agariya from my former manager in 2008. Since 2011 [Agariya +] Izakaya has been offering yakitori at night.

  • Cook on low heat for 5 hours until the cartilage part becomes thick, then bake the soft cartilage soki until it can be easily cut with chopsticks, and it is delicious to eat with mustard sauce.

  • Use cartilage soki, three pieces of meat, kamaboko for the topping, and seafood pork bone soup for the soup. It has a rich flavor that is made from hand-made meat oil. The spiciness can be selected from large spicy, medium spicy, and small spicy.

  • It is mixed with wasabi in Agou and Book Katsuo soup, and you can feel the flavor of wasabi without the stinginess."If you like wasabi, it's a must-have dish."